Our Story

In 2002, while helping family members to look for software to automate and manages plantation operation we couldn’t find one that is suitable. The software on the market was either outdated or not designed for plantation industry, and therefore require significant customisation, an expensive and risky exercise.

Hence, we set out to build a system tailored for oil palm cultivation management.

After years of source code iteration, traversed hundred thousands of kilometres and helps hundreds of estates and palm oil mills (and other crops) automate their processes. We remain faithful to our root which is to build great system that helps plantation organisations, large and small, manage their plantation investments efficiently.

We called our company, LintraMax.

Our Vision.

To be the preferred Digital Agriculture Solutions provider of choice

Our Mission.

To help agricultural producers increase yield and profitability through digital technologies that drive efficient field operation with insight

Our Values (DNA, Who we are)

HONEST: is our commitment

INTEGRITY is staying true to a vision, cause, ideal, higher calling, shared purpose and awareness, each other and family.
ACCOUNTABILITY is respect for self, others, time, beliefs, boundaries, philosophies, perspectives, opinions, the environment, rules, culture and leadership.
TRUSTWORTHINESS is being able to be relied upon to do what is needed or right: deserving of trust.

BOLD: is our front

Being BRAVE fosters teamwork. Showing an ability to take risks as an individual and as a team. To be confident and courageous.
TAKE ON challenges as there are opportunities behind them.
DARE to try and challenge the old ways of doing things.

PASSIONATE: is our heart

BELIEF is having faith in each other and supporting those around you with your skills and knowledge.
COOPERATE-ing breeds passion. Working together in an effective and efficient way to achieve the best possible results
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the result of passion. The true measure of our work and effort.
WORK HARD fuels passion. A collective effort to ensure we put forth the best solution for our clients.

POSITIVE: is our responsibility

We believe in positive RELATIONSHIPS between member-to-member and member-to-customer to achieve win-win outcomes.
We believe OPTIMISTISM is essential to look at solutions and not the problem and also inspire those around us.
We believe in INNOVATION to look to new ways of doing things, never ceasing in quest for a better solution, a brighter outcome.
PLAY HARD is the output of positivity. Going all out for yourself, for your team and for your customer.

EXCELLENCE: is our spirit

We believe in taking PRIDE in a job well done – a task done given sufficient thought and lightens the burden of a team.
AMBITION – dare to dream big and desire to succeed. Share the dream with those around you.
DRIVEN to succeed – do not give up easily, often not taking no at face value, pushing the boundary where appropriate.
THINK AHEAD – Go the extra mile, think further. A solution is only the first step, go further and push the boundaries – what if the problem can be prevented, or the solution can be applied to more than just one customer or problem. What if?
QUALITY work is the output of spirit of excellence. When an output is not questioned and is trusted simply because of its reputation – that is the measure of our work well done.

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