Quarto Connect: Your partner in field productivity

Quarto Connect

Quarto Connect is your field productivity tool to simplify day to day estate supervisory operations. What can Quarto Connect do for you, and why should you use it?

Biometric attendance taking 

Quarto Connect lets you connect a biometric scanner to take worker attendance quickly and easily. This removes the need for writing into logbooks and compiling attendance sheets. 

Task management 

You can use Quarto Connect to allocate tasks by workers in a gang and the estate block they’re assigned to. After that, you can monitor their work progress and resource usage. For example, you can record and monitor how much pesticides or fertilizer one work gang is using. 

Using this data, you compare between gangs for any significant disparities, identifying issues with pilferage or unsatisfactory task completion. 

Prevent fraud and pilferage 

As every worker has a registered biometric record and personnel file in the Quarto system, Quarto Connect lets you track their attendance easily. With it, you can also record work performance and overtime and piece rate entitlements. More importantly, this lets you easily root out phantom workers or unverified claims. 

This improved security also extends to harvests and evacuations. Having already recorded the harvest amount and approximate weight, any major discrepancy at the mill weighbridge is easily noticeable.   

Accurate harvesting and evacuation data

By connecting to a portable Bluetooth printer, you can directly print out Bunch Count Chits (BCC) to workers as they submit fruit bunches. This allows you to avoid possible processing backlogs with large harvests, while directly gauging workers’ productivity. Meanwhile, workers can be assured of timely and accurate payment with faster checkroll processing. 

Because harvests have GPS tags, evacuation lorries know precisely where to pick up harvests and how many bunches of fruits to expect. This reduces likelihood of fruit spoilage as a result of slow or unfulfilled evacuations. 

Quicker data collection, reduced paperwork 

As a tool to digitise manual data recording work, Quarto Connect channelises recorded data quickly to management. With Internet access, users can synchronise their data into the central Quarto system.  

With this, Quarto Connect eliminates paperwork, and the need to key in data from notebooks. Managers can view daily production, cost or worker data, reflecting changes to checkroll and inventory when new data is synchronised with the central system 

In-field data recording for organisational-wide benefits 

Quarto Connect brings many benefits. For one, management has access to production data and operating costs as soon as field supervisors sync their Quarto Connect data, instead of waiting for month end. 

In addition, HR can perform overtime and piece rate checkroll calculations on time for month-end payments. Meanwhile, Finance has the latest expenditure and procurement details from Inventory and Operations, ensuring on-time payment cycles.  

Let Quarto Connect be the 360-degree data capture tool to take your estate to new levels of efficiency and traceability. Contact us now to learn how Quarto Connect can streamline your field operations. 

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