LintraMax Plantation Management System is designed from the ground-up, tailored specifically to meet unique operations and management needs for modern plantation organisations. Seeking effective ways to enhance production efficiency, to reduce costs and improve monitoring and control. Our solutions support end-to-end plantation operations from upstream operation at the estate/plantation to processing facility at palm oil mill, finance, procurement and marketing functions at head office.

LintraMax solutions are designed for either independent estate owners or vertically integrated plantation organisations with multiple operating centres at different locations. LintraMax will always have the right solution that will meet your needs.

Please choose   Quarto for on cloud solution  or LintraMax R6 for on premise solution

Our Solution Benefits

With LintraMax plantation management solutions, managing diverse, remote plantation operation is simplified and brings into your business these real benefits:

   Operational support from Estate-Mill-Head Office

Our highly qualified and certified technical teams ensure that you receive first-class service and support. Our consultants understand the plantation industry and more importantly your needs.

   Rapid deployment with best practices

The solution can be implemented rapidly and can be up and running within days, which means no interruption to your business. Enjoy the benefits of the solution in no time.

   Extensive industry knowledge and experience

LintraMax solutions are specifically designed for the plantation industry, utilising best practices, applying extensive experience and knowledge of the industry to make the solution work for each plantation the way it should.

   Gain insight and visibility into operation

Gain insight into your plantation operation easily with unparalleled streamlined reporting capability.

   Single point data entry and streamlined workflow

Enhance productivity by streamlining workflow processes with simplified, single source of data entry.

   Tailored plantation management solution with proven track records

Since its inception in 2002, LintraMax has gained market recognition and earned significant trust in the industry with its vast experiences in implementing and deploying its integrated plantation management solutions at over 600 estates and 70 palm oil mills in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

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