AI in Agriculture

What is Artificial Intelligence?

According to the World Economic Forum, AI is technology characterised by the development and use of machines that are capable of performing tasks that usually would have required human intelligence. This definition covers a whole range of cognitive functions including data analytics to physical tasks like spraying pesticides.

Currently, ChatGPT is blowing up the world of AI. Many skilled workers are fearful that technology is here to replace humans, but it only increases existing work efficiency. The levels of human autonomy provided by technology creates better work for the people involved in doing it.


The first level of autonomy is basic mechanisation using hand tools and motorized equipment.


The next level is automation, which mostly consists of individual agriculture technology products.

Smart Connected Products

Agriculture systems with smart, connected products is the third level of autonomy. One thing is for certain. AI requires a large amount of data. This means the ability for software to capture, store and process data is the beginning of the next level of autonomy.

A plantation management platform like Quarto is the prime starting point for venturing into the capabilities of artificial intelligence for the agriculture industry.

Machine Learning  

According to Cambridge dictionary, Machine learning is

“The process of computers changing the way they carry out tasks by learning from new data, without a human being needing to give instructions in the form of a program.”

The machine learning that happens in ChatGPT requires an expansive amount of data for this to happen. There is a collection and processing of data that machine learning needs.

Venturing into Artificial Intelligence

The practical application of AI is still at its infancy stage especially in agriculture. While IoT and sensors can be easily placed in farms monitoring fresh produce, the concept needs to be evolved for larger plantations spanning thousands of hectares of land.

Plantation Management Software

A cloud-based plantation management software such as Quarto helps agriculture businesses gain ROI from technology advancements. Quarto processes operations, financials and applies it unto maps and analytics for faster and better decisions.

What is LintraMax?

LintraMax consists of a team of agriculture technology experts. Let us help you start your journey into IR4.0-ready software. Chat with our team for a free demo!


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