Digital payments for plantation workers

Digital payments for unbanked plantation workers

According to the World Bank, the level of bank account ownership is low at 22% for plantation workers. While many of us benefit from e-wallets, which has enabled us to transfer money with just a touch of a button, scores of plantation workers remain unbanked.

Cash-in-hand payments made to these workers are generally susceptible to being misplaced or even stolen. Additionally, monthly remittances paid to support worker dependants back home for daily necessities can be difficult to manage, especially if estates are situated in remote areas.

Greater safety precautions

With Quarto providing transparency in the company’s payroll processes from the start, partnering with Merchantrade Asia is a major step forward towards minimising physical contact during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Through the e-wallet, workers will receive their wages digitally. This ‘mobile money’ solution aims to eliminate in-person payment so that estate managers or supervisors need not travel to the worker location to hand out wages. 

Digital payment to plantation workers not only provides them better access to their funds, but also flexibility on how they can manage their funds, including cashless purchase, transactions, as well as sending money back home with convenience.

Simplified plantation management

Smart farming and other advancements can often seem daunting, especially with sensors, AI, and big data. Here at LintraMax, we believe in designing technology in line with existing plantation processes. Keeping this in mind, we help automate what is already there, and simply improve a method that already works.

We apply both agriculture principles and technology expertise to Quarto, creating a solution that is practical for your return on investments and day-to-day work.

Read more about how Quarto has increased productivity of harvesters, or let’s discuss how we can work with you.

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