Quarto Farm: Your ultimate farm management app

Quarto Farm is the only digital companion you’ll need for farm data management.

With it, you can: 

Simplify harvest recording 

As each produce type is already registered in-system, harvesting recording is simply a matter of inputting the harvest weight into Quarto Farm.  

Record data anywhere 

The app works offline. When Internet access is available, the day’s data syncs into the central management system at a button’s press. 

Generate chits automatically 

Simply connect a Bluetooth printer to issue harvest chits. The systeautomatically generates a barcode and chit number for recording produce weighand grade later at the respective stations. 

Grade and weigh crops quicker

With Quarto recording harvesting, weighing, and grading a variety of produce from multiple farms, this means faster distribution, less spoilage and more accurate record keeping.  

Enhance traceability across the production chain 

The app enables produce monitoring and traceability across all farming locations. Owners can use insights from Quarto Farm to determine where unsatisfactory crops are coming from and take remedial measures. 

Download Quarto Farm today from the Google Play Store.

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