Malaysia palm oil trade surplus and increased sustainability efforts


Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Malaysia’s trade surplus in 2020 rose 26.9% to RM184.8 billion. Palm oil saw a trade increase of RM2.6 billion as crude palm oil prices surged. According to the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB), palm oil was the largest produced vegetable oil in 2020. It accounted for 31% of the world’s oils and fats product, and over 26 million metric tonnes in exports. 

Committing to sustainability

Even with these impressing figures, Malaysia remains committed to sustainability in palm production. Sabah is positioning itself as a global leader in sustainable palm oil, aiming for 100% RSPO-certified palm oil by 2025. The Jurisdictional Certification of Sustainable Palm Oil (JCSPO) is working with WWF to set up a dedicated Sustainable Palm Oil team to support smaller producers in attaininRSPO certification. To achieve that goal, data-driven management systems such as Quarto by LintraMax can help palm producers become more transparent, traceable and accountable. 

Adopting industry best practices

Quarto provides end-to-end traceability of palm production. From seeding all the way to its milling process, Quarto records all processes and transactions. This doesn’t only help track and manage operating expenses. In addition, producers to have the necessary bookkeeping and records to comply with sustainability best practices 

End-to-end process recording

Quarto precisely tracks a batch of harvest to its originating estate block, even to the number of fruits in a batch. It records fertilizer and pesticides usage during the production cycle. In addition, Quarto even records the workers and supervisors tending to that field. Finally, harvests ready for evacuation are tagged via GPS. As they make their way downstream for processing, manufacturing and distribution, their origin point remains traceable. Even when it is a final product in consumer’s hands.

Quarto offers secure and tamper-proof accounting, logistics, procurement, inventory, sales and financial modules all integrated into one system. For more information on how we can help your palm oil estate or mill be part of RSPO compliant, please contact us for a free appointment. 

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