Why agriculture software matters now more than ever

Why does does agriculture software matter more now than ever?

Agriculture is a vital industry in Malaysia, consisting of 8% of our GDP, and 10% of our workforce. Malaysia remains the second largest producer of oil palm in the world. In 2020 Malaysia exported approximately 26 million tonnes of palm product, valued at over RM72 billion.  

As the agriculture industry modernises itself with new technologies and practices, one such technology is specialised management software. For example, Quarto by LintraMax caters specifically for industries such as oil palm estates or mills, or vegetable and fruit farms. But what can these software do, and why is there a need for specific agriculture software?

Automate and streamline processes

Till today, many estates continue to rely on manually recording worker attendance, crop harvests and evacuation, or calculating monthly checkroll, for example. By digitising these processes using a system like Quarto, this saves time, reduces paperwork, automates calculations and reduces errors. 

Records are easy to keep track of, so there’s no more rummaging into storerooms to look for a specific logbook or invoice. Better yet, there’s no more need for vast storerooms holding years of paper documents altogether. 

Keep track of key costs and operating expenses

For oil palm estates, having knowledge and control of operating costs and expenses is just as vital as production levels. For example, fertilizer is a major cost for estates, and a determiner of harvest quality. 

A management system like Quarto can track its usage across every hectare of estate. This way, users can easily find instances of wastage or pinpoint which part of the estate needs fertilization work. It also prevents overstocking and allows users to keep track when inventory levels are low. 

In addition, by having exact inventory numbers instead of estimate figures, this helps significantly reduce pilferage and improve operational traceability.

Integrate multiple key features into one system

Without Quarto, plantation businesses use separate software for accounting, payroll, HR, inventory and sales, for example. On top of that, they function separately and usually aren’t compatible with each other. So the month-end results from checkroll, sales and operations, for example, need to be keyed into a financial system. 

Quarto streamlines these functions into one integrated, interconnected system. So when HR finalises the month end checkroll, the end result will show up in the finance module.

Cloud-based for easy deployment and support

Then there’s also the need for dedicated and expensive servers, networks and maintenance teams. Better yet, as a cloud-based system, it only requires an Internet browser to use Quarto. No more installations or lengthy downtimes for system updates.

Data-driven decision making through accurate reporting at your fingertips

Quarto’s many features give you an accurate picture of your business, as quickly as possible. This way, instead of guessing how much fertilizer you use monthly, you know the exact amount. 

Want a report of total crop production versus sales? It’s just a few clicks away on Quarto. Better yet, with the companion app Quarto View, you can view key performance information and manage approvals from your smartphone anytime, anywhere. 

These are just some of the benefits an agriculture management system like Quarto can offer. Why not schedule an appointment with us to find out how else can Quarto help your agribusiness? 

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