The future of Data Driven Decisions in Agriculture

Agriculture management software combined with other agritech can ease some of the uncertainties plantation owners face, enabling better and more informed data driven decisions. This practice makes detecting potential problems earlier, reduce costs and improve yields. One such software is Quarto by LintraMax.

Merging industry expertise with technology

Shifting from predictive to data-driven decision-making is an initial challenge but is more than likely to produce long-term benefits that outweigh short-term challenges. Quarto brings together technology and precision agriculture practices to ease pain points and uncertainties – a culmination of 18 years’ industry experience in managing oil palm estates.

Using localised data for goal-directed planning

Multiple data entry points in Quarto reduce guesswork in decision making and provide a data-backed approach to problem solving. Insights from Quarto can reveal specifics that are significant but often overlooked. For example, the Quarto Map view can show usage and yield differences between blocks, while also accounting for differences in topography and additional challenges working with hilly terrains.

Getting the big picture from field data

Data taken from the field layered with industry knowledge generates better, more predictive analysis. This in turn facilitates better risk calculation and mitigation. Recording a vehicle or machine’s operational life in Quarto can more accurately measure cost versus benefits on future similar investments. Where revenue was lost because of rainy season, having historical records prepares managers for such recurrences by budgeting for more workers and extra overtime hours.

 Visualising patterns and trends with data analytics

Though technologies like IoT and remote sensors are the logical next step in digital agriculture, the raw data they collect must be processed so users can derive meaningful insights. Data tables, graphs, charts and GPS-tagged maps available on the Quarto dashboard provide visual data to facilitate easier decision making. These visualisations bring to life static spreadsheet numbers into dynamic, near real-time overviews that turn into granular, detailed breakdowns at a click.

Improving operations, one block at a time

By setting different baselines and tackling problems block by block, estates can achieve their goals through measurable and achievable action steps while avoiding decision paralysis from trying to solve problems on an enterprise-wide scale.

Contact us and integrate precision agriculture with industry expertise to gain accurate data reports and predictive analysis for data driven decisions.

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