Interconnectivity in agriculture technology to increase value and yields

Cloud technology

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, cloud technology was deemed one of the top 3 technologies to invest in. While 44% of SMEs use cloud computing, most of them have not adopted cloud software as a service (SaaS) to drive software process improvements.

Using a central platform like Quarto by LintraMax, however, interconnected technologies can potentially increase yields by 7-9% and add on $500 billion to global agriculture value by 2030. 

3 top technologies for the post-pandemic world
Security and privacy, customer experience and cloud are the most important 3 technologies being invested into. How does Quarto utilise these 3 interconnected technologies?

How can integration of Quarto’s cloud technology benefit the oil palm industry?

Cost-effective deployment, operations and maintenance 

Quarto’s cloud-based infrastructure frees businesses from specialised infrastructure and hardware, such as servers, dedicated workstations and wired networks, and the necessary setup and maintenance costs. 

Reduce losses from theft 

By using the Quarto Connect app for field data recording, crop harvest and evacuation details from estates can be compared with mill data to identify and curb theft which can account for up to 5% in estate revenue losses. 

High performance tasks on any smart device 

Without a central integrated plantation management solution like Quarto, estate management requires multiple separate software on dedicated workstations. With Quarto, however, users can perform accounts closing, worker checkroll processing, inventory management, production monitoring and reports generation on any laptop or tablet from their web browser, no installation required.  

Future-proofing your business 

With legacy silo systems, performance degradation is a common problem as hardware and software become outdated. As the technology powering cloud systems becomes more powerful, users can instead expect improved performance over time for long-term savings on hardware upgrades.   

Enterprise-wise data awareness and interconnectivity 

By integrating production data from estates into Quarto, management gain a big picture view of their entire operations in near-real time for more timely problem solving and long-term planning.  

Securing peace of mind  

With multiple redundancies, Quarto will continue working even in the event of equipment failure. Daily, weekly, and periodic backups are performed automatically to minimise data loss. Lastly, Quarto ensures that system users only have access to functions relevant to their duties to prevent records tampering. 

To discover the many other ways Quarto can transform your agribusiness, contact us for a free consultation. 

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