Cloud computing data ownership and security

With business reports hosted on the Quarto platform, you may wonder about cloud computing data ownership and security. Now is the time to benefit from cloud computing, minus the worries!

1. Where is Quarto’s data uploaded to?

Quarto runs on a world-class cloud platform, an internationally renown, fully secure server.

2. Who owns my business’ Quarto data?

All Quarto account data always belongs to the client. At no point will LintraMax claim ownership of client’s data.

3. Who can access this data?

Only clients have access to their business records based on their user account settings. Our team will only access client data during training and support sessions.

4. Can I back up my Quarto data?

Yes, you are able to create off-site backups or download reports in multiple formats, including print. The server performs daily backups automatically.

5. How secure is my data?

Data encryption ensures your data remains confidential even during transfers from the server. The process of segregating data means that each account is kept private to its own users.

6. What do I do in the event of data loss?

Please contact LintraMax for assistance to restore your data, as our back-up policy prevents data loss.

7. What happens if I migrate my data elsewhere?

Your company retains full ownership of your migrated data. Data in the server goes through termination procedures that ensure no records are accessible.

Want to migrate your data to Quarto with 100% peace of mind on cloud computing data ownership and security? Let’s have a chat! 


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