From Field to Fork: Top 10 happenings in August​

agriculture and food

Here’s a round-up of Malaysia’s agriculture and food highlights in the press for August 2022.

  • Agro-Food Takaful Insurance Scheme to cover Malaysia’s 189,500 rice farmers. Sectors including fisheries and other food industry sub-sectors will follow in stages through the scheme’s expansion plan.

  • Legislation for food waste management. Housing and Local Government Ministry collaborating with Japanese Environment Ministry to develop food waste management guidelines. In 2021, leftover meat and vegetables made up 24% (4,081 tonnes) of edible food waste. This is equivalent to one-and-a-half Olympic-sized swimming pool.
  • Inflation of meat prices increased by 2.4% and vegetables prices increased by 8% within a span of 1 month (May to June 2022).
    Source: Department of Statistics Malaysia (DOSM)

  • Self-watering planting system and other technologies showcased at MAHA 2022 agriculture expo. MARDI research centre director says the self-watering planting system could increase production 4 to 6 times per unit of space compared to conventional farming. The system could also save fertiliser and agricultural input costs of up to 25% compared to the hydroponic method.

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