Human vs Technology in Agriculture

human and technology

We always hear the adage of how technology and artificial intelligence would be taking over the world in the future. This claim has subtly impacted our acceptance of new technologies, leaving us skeptical and unsure. Nevertheless, applying technology to a certain extent in our daily life often proves to be very beneficial.  

Even regarded as one of the oldest industries in Malaysia, agriculture’s journey in welcoming technological advancement is slower than other industries. Currently, most plantation owners are still reluctant to embrace digital transformation to smart agriculture.  

However, the government is putting more emphasis on smart agriculture, providing better opportunities for agriculture players to embrace digitalisation. Plus, with the 5G network soon to be established around the country, there is no better time for the industry to embrace the transformation.  

Rolling Out 5G Networks 

5G networks will make way for a smoother integration of technological enhancements, which will undoubtedly unravel new opportunities for agriculture players. With 5G, the use of drones, artificial intelligence, as well as Internet of Things (IoT) devices and sensors in agriculture would be more feasible in the not-so-distant future. 

With these developments, surely we will again revisit the question of human vs technology in the future. 

Manpower Will Always Be Vital for Agriculture 

During the difficult era of the pandemic, persistent labour shortage has heavily impacted the palm oil industry. This proves that the presence of manpower is still very crucial for the industry to prosper.  

Leading analyst, James Fry also claimed that the global supply for palm oil would only see minimal growth for the next few years. The main reason for this is none other than labour disruption.  

If manpower is that vital to the industry, why are we really turning our focus on technology?  

Human AND Technology 

It should be human and technology, rather than human vs technology.  

The relationship between man and technology is interdependent. Technologies need human’s skills and expertise to function. Meanwhile, man would be more effective and efficient with the assistance of technology.  

The integration of technology and manpower could also combat labour shortage issues.  

For instance, data automation would be beneficial in reducing heavy workloads of manual data processing and transmission. Plantation managers would be able to eliminate the common paper-based method of managing data. Therefore, the workload of admins and managers could be reduced and they could focus more on other essential tasks.  

Additionally, the implementation of technology in agriculture could also allegedly divert more interest and attention of youths and next-gen leaders. This could alter the perception that agriculture equals hard labour and attract more career opportunities in data and analytics. 

Enabling Technology with Quarto 

Technology would be helpful in enhancing our efforts of producing smarter plantations and better planning. Joining forces with technology would undoubtedly increase productivity in managing daily tasks, boost efficiency in dealing with resources, automating data collection, and providing data analysis for better overall insights.  

Start your journey with Quarto! If you are intrigued to learn more on how Quarto can better manage your integration with technology, do not hesitate to contact us! 

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