LintraMax Plantation Director



Payroll & Checkroll
Store & Procurement
Vehicle & Workshop
Planting Program
Agronomic Statistics
LintraMax Plantation Director® is the software you can depend on to manage your plantations more effectively. An integrated plantation management solution with end-to-end management functionalities including accounting, payroll for staff and general workers, harvesters and contractors, nursery and planting program, inventory, vehicle and foreign worker management, and integration to Geographical Information System.

By delivering quick access to decision making information, LintraMax Plantation Director helps you manage your plantation organization more effectively by facilitating better resources utilization to streamline cost and increase profits. Every aspect of your plantation’s operation activities and costing information is readily available as LintraMax Plantation Director provides unparalleled reporting capability including automated push email reports for easy and quick information dissemination.

LintraMax Mill Director


Crop Reception
Processing Statistics
CPO & PK Sales Contract
FFB Procurement
Vehicle & Workshop
Preventive Maintenance
Store & Procurement
Payroll & Checkroll
LintraMax Mill Director® is the software you can depend on to manage your mill operations more effectively. Designed specifically for the unique requirements of palm oil mill operation, LintraMax Mill Director provides integrated mill operation management including weighbridge, crop grading, processing, laboratory, inventory, preventive maintenance, payroll, accounting, budgeting, and more.

LintraMax Finance Director

office system


General Ledger
Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Cash & Bank
Fixed Assets
LintraMax Finance Director® is a full-featured financial solution providing the visibility and control needed for your enterprise financial operation at head office. It offers financial management tools that range from general ledger, accounts payable and accounts receivable modules to bank reporting, cash flow management, sales, purchasing, fixed assets, reconciliation, budget and more. Gathered financial information will be processed and summarized into financial statements and reports.

The solution provides stability, reliability, and scalability to support your growing business and meet even the most demanding processing needs. LintraMax Financial Director simplifies your business operation regardless of the business size.

LintraMax Plantation Performance Monitoring System

LintraMax Plantation Performance Monitoring System® is a Web-based reporting solution designed for plantation organizations with multiple operating centers at distributed, remote locations.

The key objective of the system is to enable key users and decision makers to gain insight into operations quickly and easily through a web-browser. Information subject areas include financial, operational and production. Consolidate information from multiple operating centers to report generation by Operating Groups, Regions and Company.
web reporting

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